Forma-Pro is a full stack development company with 15 years of experience.

Our aim is a high-quality product meeting the customer's needs.

We like doing our job well and make sure we have everything needed for that. Location in Kharkov, Ukraine - one of Eastern Europe's biggest centers of higher education and research - allows us to hire highly qualified specialists in computer sciences.

Our team

We are a team of professionals focused not only on a result itself, but also with a knowledge and experience how to achieve it.


Team structure

Forma-Pro tries to be as open as possible to all our customers. We have simple and efficient management structure and are not hiding our developers behind a "single point of contact". We hate this way of working as it distances a customer from the product and in many cases forces to look at individual developers instead of a company offering this approach. All our customers have direct contacts to all developers assigned to their projects which makes software development process absolutely transparent

However this does not mean that we do not offer any kind of project management to our customers. Moreover in almost all cases we have part time manager assigned the project whose responsibilities may vary from full project planning and management to just monitoring the whole progress and resolution of organizational issues in case of project management being from the customer side

We also have a lot of experience in working remotely as part of large team. In this case our developers are natively integrated into existing team with already defined standards and rules


Team experience

All our team members have high level of technical hard skills. This means that we do not have junior programmers working on the projects, because this approach won’t simply work for the high standards of professionalism and code quality set for Forma-Pro

Our developers in most cases are full-stack specialists that can work on a product from backend & infrastructure to frontend

Among our team members there are programmers that worked for Magento e-commerce company (acquired by Ebay), Huffington Post, Oracle


Team philosophy

We are confessing philosophy of code quality, being adepts of automated testing, refactoring and object oriented project architecture. These are not just mere empty words for us, but everyday practices we use in all our projects with no exceptions

These best practises do not give an immediate payoff and may look as an overhead, however they are a perfect investment in the future of the product when it comes to getting high stability, maintainability and in turn external quality. For a small project this obviously won’t work. This is why we hardly ever do small ones and those where the customer is up to “quick & dirty” solutions. And if it’s a project is coming to us with already existing sources we are doing code review to check if the code matches at least minimal standards allowing us to go on with development without major overheads on refactoring and without a need to stop our practices. Both these issues will most likely make our potential customer unhappy and we don’t want that


Why Forma-Pro?

It is very important for us to be in the same team with the customer during the development process. Effective cooperation, working in the atmosphere of confidence and respect is the passport to a successful project

We focus on a development of large-scale applications, which means we know how to handle enterprise-level projects when it comes to planning, architecture, technologies, quality management and methodology. It’s well known that in a large developments it’s critical to keep architectural dept at minimum and also take into account extensibility, so we work hard not only on development of the new features, but also on extensible architecture which is a subject of continuous refactoring. On this way automated test and CI tools helps us to do this quickly and efficiently

Another dilemma of modern apps is how to scale properly. Enterprise level applications handle growing amount of data and traffic which means that sooner or later there will be a limit hit. To solve this dilemma we build applications that scale. Achieving this goal is not easy and includes usage of  cloud based environment, docker containers, and scalable architecture (which is usually queue based with decomposition to microservices)

And finally we are real experts in what we do. We are using top-notch frameworks and tools which we know all about. If you hire our developers you can rely on any technical decision they do


History of Forma-Pro

The company named “Forma Web Development Studio” was founded in 2001 by Alex Favorov who started as a developer and project manager himself. Later its name was changed to “Forma-Pro” which is kept until now with constantly increasing brand value

For the first years the company was seeking its place on the market and since 2002 the it focused mostly on outsourcing for nearshore and offshore customers, providing reliable and cost-effective LAMP development services

In the same year the company stated its first large project called which was released in a year and was on the market till 2014

Over the next 5 years Forma-pro was growing in both team size and project complexity & scale aspects, however further development as a successful business required drastic changes. So in 2007 after a long internal discussions the company has completely rethought its ideology and focused on a projects based on Symfony framework, which we considered to be a key to enter enterprise market

As a result Forma-Pro significantly narrowed down scope of projects accepted but allowed to focus on process quality. This approach together with agile methodology implemented (Scrum) and such engineering practices as automated testing, continuous integration, zero tolerance to architectural debts gave a major impulse to the company. Since 2008 we started to be very selective both hiring new developers and starting new projects

Over the next years the team gained enterprise-level development expertise working on a projects that required notorious architectural skills & approaches

In 2011 the 2nd version version of Symfony framework was released and it was a tool that beat all other competitors in PHP world. Being eager to try new promising solution Forma-Pro started to use it when the framework was in beta. The company’s quickly gained master level knowledge with the new framework which not only gave a new level up to the company, but also brought new customers with promising projects

Web technologies stack is not still, so to be able to fulfill our customers’ in an efficient and modern way we expanded our expertise to also cover frontend web development. In 2013 we mastered such technologies as Angular and NodeJs

Today Forma-Pro is still committed to a philosophy of code quality which is so crucial for large & complex products. The team has 30 developers headcount which is not much, but reflects company’s careful personnel selection policy. Company’s current clients are mostly startups or mature product companies which outsource a part of whole development work