Dedicated team

Quite often our customers have a request to empower their own teams with more resources. It could be not for a single project, but for a set of projects. In this case a customer usually has some management flow and we only help coordinating the inter-team processes.

Forma Pro has a huge experience building teams for our customers, including building a distributed teams when our developers are working in the same team as the developers on a customer side. We see the key success point for a such cooperation in efficient and transparent communications.

Providing a reliable dedicated team service Forma Pro allows our customers to focus on product development rather than low level activity to do in-house staffing connected with the following difficulties:

  • Limited local labour market
  • Non-flexibility of employment agreements
  • Additional costs on paying vacations, sick leaves, etc.
  • Extra expenses  on renting an office space, on accountant, etc

At the same time partnership with us has many benefits comparing to working with an independent freelancer:

  • overall high level of technical experience
  • team extension if needed later keeping all the developers at one site
  • high level of English for all the team members
  • reliable work schedule & better productivity because developers are working from office and not from home