Open Source

As a company we see our mission not only in the development of our customers’ products but also to make a contribution to support developers’ community by providing cutting-edge tools dramatically increasing development experience and allowing software engineers to focus on the business functionality instead of the technical details.

Our areas of interest in open source development include asynchronous processing, micro-services, dockerized environnement, payment systems integration, e-commerce solutions.

Integrate more than 50 payment services simultaneously with Payum!

  • 4 years of active development
  • more than 1 000 000 downloads already (approximately 400 downloads per day)
  • Extensions for all top PHP frameworks (Symfony, Zend, Silex, Laravel, YII)
  • 1K stars on GitHub
  • Part of Sylius e-commerce solution


Messaging solution for PHP. Provides a common way for programs to create, send, read messages. More than 1 000 000 downloads and 600+ GitHub stars

MQ client, 10+ MQ brokers, queue interoper, an enterprise service bus (ESB), RPC over MQ, bundle, extension, package, AMQP driver


Task execution, management, and monitoring microservice. It can be used with any-size application to run simple tasks, time-based tasks, dependent or subtasks. Comrade operates tens-of-thousands of tasks that could be written in any programming language.

Easy to install, execution history and logs, no hassle with cron, run dependents jobs, handle sub jobs, API polyglot, shares JSON Schemas, real-time, web-based UI, collects statis


PVM serves to emphasize your business rules by providing foundation for building and visualising the processes. It structures code into well-defined, understandable tasks, organized into a flow. You can find out what is going on there at any given time by simply looking at the flow diagram.