Outsourcing part of business

You run a business which relies on IT duties and don’t have time to focus on building your it team? Forma Pro has an answer for you. We offer a business model that allows you to concentrate on your main activity while outsourcing all technological tasks to our company.

As an example let’s think of  a media buying company that is in a phase of an expansion. Such business has a lot of things to do in a different fields, but to keep a sustained growth it should apply maximum effort on traffic and content management. Building own IT department is a possible solution, but it’s a long way with many obstacles on it such as:

  • limited local labour market with high salaries
  • the need to build own recruiting process
  • overhead on project management
  • no possibility for quick changes in IT team structure

To solve problems above Forma Pro can offer you our web development and maintenance experience. We will pick an IT part of your business from a technical design to an implementation and infrastructure setup. We will staff your team with the people with the right people at the right time with a flexibility to expand or shorten the team when there’s a demand.

We use two major pricing options for this model of work:

  • revenue sharing
  • time and material

For a revenue sharing pricing option we agree on a certain amount of the revenue that we will get as your partner. It’s could be not only convenient for you as you will never have to pay more than you earn, but also it’s a good motivation for us.

Time and material is a classic pricing solution when you pay hourly price for all the developers and managers involved.