Most of our projects we have been involved into are covered by non-disclosure agreements prohibiting publicly disclosing the names of the products and our role in development.

These include multiple projects which are done by us from the infrastructure (Docker) and backend (JS/Node, PHP/Symfony) to UI (Angular, React). If you are interested to learn about our full portfolio please contact us and we will be able to present it to you in a private channel.

Below are the projects we successfully delivered and were allowed to show:



ZooZoo is a fully custom e-commerce platform that sells goods for pets which is combined together with social engine. Launched in early 2014 it’s still young, but quickly growing start-up. Our company joined ZooZoo team in 2013 to help launching the product. We were hired as sf2 specialists to solve certain performance issues, set up testing environment and refactor nonoptimal architecture. After the launch we switched to the development of the next features.ZooZoo.com is developed on Symfony2 framework with architecture that allows to resist big amount of data and load. So it heavily uses such technologies like MongoDB (used in addition to MySQL), ElasticSearch, Amazon cloud services, rabbitMQ. This platform is not active any longer after the company has been sold to Animail.se who decided to migrate webshop to Magento platform.


E-butik is a large Swedish e-commerce SaaS built using Symfony2 framework. E-butik engine hosts many web shops thus deals with high load and huge amount of data. It heavily uses MongoDB. We worked on it for 3 years, but at the end of the last year it has been sold to another company which decided to migrate customers to their platform and stopped development on e-butik platform



RemixJobs was launched in 2009 and quickly become one of the most popular portal on a tech jobs market in France. Being used by such giants of the IT industry like Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Netvibes, Dailymotion, Groupon, Orange and others RemixJobs is definitely a very promising startup. Our company is involved into the development of remixjobs since May 2011 when startup received a great investment and started with a new stage of its development. Together with a French colleagues we worked on:

  • migration from Zend to Symfony2 framework (legacy Zend code still exists in a small portion, but isolated in LegacyBundle)
  • migration to doctrine2
  • implementation of "post a job" wizard
  • paypal integration
  • admin section implementation
  • twitter\facebook integration
  • import CVs from LinkedIn and other sources
  • development of remixCV.com
Along with that we developed multiple unit & functional tests to have a full coverage. On this project we are widely using such practice as code review to ensure that code meets all style and quality standards.


Payum is our open-source product that offers a unified way of multiple payment providers integraiton. It’s actively used by multiple projects worldwide, among them is Sylius.org. Payum h is a good example of our approaches for architecture and testing in real-world products.



Eclypsia.com is #1 online streaming portal for e-sports in France, belongs to top 10 worldwide in this area. Web portal is a high loaded cloud based platform built on Symfony2 & nodejs. We joined website development when it has been already live, but since that multiple things were done by Forma-Pro team:

  • Symfony framework upgrade
  • Added customly developed forum
  • Full redesign of the website
  • Performance improvement
  • Migration to Twitch
  • Improved ad handling


Rentalino is a directory of apartments in the Europe for rent. It's built as a paid service for landlords that can register and publish their properties using wizard-like interface. Later they have full control over published units via owner's control panel. One of the key concepts of Rentalino is multilinguality. Rentalino exists in many different languages (20) and owners can have descriptions of their properties translated to all this languages automatically using Google Translate API in case they don't have manual translation. Visitors can lookup for a property using fulltext search with additional criterias like number of persons per unit, price range, country, city, etc. Search results are shown either as a list of units or using map view. Map view is optimized to display a big number of properties by usage of lazy loading and grouping of points depending on a zoom level. Search mechanism is designed to handle large volume of data as well. Website is built using symfony2 framework. This site has admin area build using Bootstrap framework.



NextLove is a Symfony2 based dating network for Digisec Media AS. We joined product development at the mid-stages and our responsibility was to launch the product.

House sharing service

CapitalLiving.co.uk is the Premier House-Share Company in London running web based solution to manage their rental business. The system connects company managers, available property and tenants in a way that managers can have full overview, including different statistics about the current status. The heart of the CL is web-backend (built on Symfony 1.4 framework) for company managers. Forma-Pro joined Capital Living London in 2011 to extend the system implementing new features and improving usability. Forma-Pro implemented such large features as:

  • Earlybird (with PayPal payments) – subscription to alerts about free rooms
  • Property Management Centre, that is responsible for managing jobs for different contractors and keeping the history of assignments
  • Email/SMS Notifications system for tenants and managers for different events
  • Tech Help area for tenants to report bugs and nice-to-have improvements
  • Various content/data management for Areas and Places, Contractors and Suppliers, Email/SMS templates, Mailing List Subscribers, Lead Questions, Properties Checklist, Jobs related data, Site Options, etc.
  • Statistics, which includes Sales Centre (Summary and KPI) and Jobs Stats (KPI)
  • Google Services integration such as YouTube (upload/delete videos), Calendar (add/update/delete different events and reminders), Contacts (sync with CL members), Google Analytics
  • API for integration with iPhone application
  • PDF documents generation

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