Business models

As a company we can have several business models to cooperate with our customers.


First one is dedicated developers that work as a part of your team. This is ideal setup when there’s already a team working on some product. In this case we will bring our technical expertise aboard without major changes to the management processes and methodology. Our experience in building remote teams allows us to set up transparent communications that makes such teamwork efficient.


Second business model is outsourcing part of business. Our company can fully overtake any development needs of your company allowing you to fully focus on a high level business development. We have many happy customers worldwide who consume this model and just focus on brand and product management.


We are committed to modern software development best practices targeting
maximum efficiency of our company processes.

  • Scrum
  • Automated testing
  • Continuous integration
  • Refactoring
  • Lean principles
  • Code review
  • Full-stack development
  • Infrastructure as a code

Open Source

Our developers are active members of open source communities, participating as contributors to well known products and publishing own solutions as well.



Payum appeared from project where we were not satisfied with the payment bundle by JMS. We hate reinventing the wheel, but as there was no suitable library available we had to try. Payum was designed to be as flexible as possible. In fact Payum can be integrated with any payment provider. It has interfaces to Paypal (Express/Pro/IPN), Authorize.NET AIM, Be2Bill, Payex, Klarna and the list is constantly expanding. In addition it has a bridge for Omnipay library and can support all the payment providers that Omnipay implements (20+ providers).

Today Payum is de-facto a standard for payment systems implementation in Symfony community. For example it is an integral part of Sylius ecommerce solution.



YDM is schema less ODM with hydration and persistence at the speed of light. It implements the best from arrays and objects providing comprehensive solution for building aggregation roots or objects trees. It should be a good choice if you are building bounded context as well, because if provides  an easy way  to copy object data from one model to another.


Boom e-commerce

Coming soon