Which model to choose?

Each our model of work has certain conditions it fits so you should understand thouse prerequisites to make a thoughtful choice.

To help you to choose a proper one we created a simple comparative table. First  you should answer 3 questions:

  1. Do you need to make our developers a part of your team?
    If the answer is “yes” then you should choose dedicated team model as it’s the only one allowing our developers to be fully integrated into your team.
  2. Do you have codebase already?
    If you have some source code then you should go outstaffing way of work with us (using either time and material or dedicated team approaches).
  3. Do you need a fixed budget?
    Then the only option we can offer you is a doing a project for you from scratch using fixed price estimation.


The rest of the criterias are listed in the table below.





Project from scratch using t&m

Project with existing source code using t&m

Dedicated team

Fixed price project from scratch

Outsourcing part of the business

Codebase is present

Does not matter

Does not matter

Fixed price budget per project

Possibility for the customer to manage our team

Required detalization of functional specification

Flexibility to functional requirements changes on the fly

Projects risks on customer side

Remote team integration

Fits R&D projects

Customer involvement required

Possible project size


small- to mid-sized


small- to mid-sized