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Alex Favorov

Founder & Owner

Eugen Kochuev

Chief technology officer

Mariya Kushka

Managing partner

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Our mission is to produce high-quality web-development for business needs.

“Forma Web Development Studio” was founded in 2001 by Alex Favorov. Later its name was changed to “Forma-Pro” which is kept until now. computer sciences”.

“Forma Web Development Studio” was founded by Alex Favorov. Later its name was changed to “Forma-Pro” which is kept until now.

The company focused mostly on outsourcing for nearshore and offshore customers, providing reliable and cost-effective LAMP development services. Also in this year, the company started its first large project.

From 2007 Forma Pro is focused on a project based on Symfony framework.

Over this years the team gained enterprise-level development expertise working on projects that required notorious architectural skills & approaches.

The 2nd version of Symfony framework was released and Forma Pro started to use it when the framework was in beta. Our team quickly gained master knowledge with the new framework.

We mastered new technologies like Angular and Node.JS.

We are a team of professionals focused not only on a result itself, but also with a knowledge and experience how to achieve it.

  • Team structure

    All our customers have direct contacts with all developers assigned to their projects. In almost all cases we have a part-time manager assigned the project whose responsibilities may vary from full project planning and management to just monitoring the whole progress and resolution of organizational issues in case of project management being from the customer side. Also, we have a lot of experience in working remotely as part of a large team.

  • Team experience

    Our team members have a high level of technical hard skills. In other words, we don't have junior programmers working on the projects, because this approach won’t work for the high standards of professionalism and code quality set for Forma-Pro. Our developers are full-stack specialists that can work on a product from backend & infrastructure to frontend. Among our team members, there are programmers worked for Magento e-commerce company (acquired by eBay), Huffington Post, Oracle.

  • Team philosophy

    We are confessing philosophy of code quality, being adepts of automated testing, refactoring and object-oriented project architecture. These best practices are a perfect investment in the future of the product, when it comes to getting high stability, maintainability and in turn external quality.


We are looking for experienced and talented people who are accomplished in their field and looking for a flexible, non-traditional work environment where skills, experience, and performance are highly valued and rewarded.

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