Our development services

Delivering secure software solutions that users enjoy interacting with is an art. We acquired this art through continuously enhancing technical skills, open communication processes, and implementing Agile management practices built upon each project’s needs.

The way we guarantee quality

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    Smooth-running workflow

    Regular reporting, development sprints, tasks estimation & prioritization.

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    Coding standards

    Architectural best practices, TDD, style guides, no hard-coding.

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    Automated testing

    UI, Unit, integration, performance, end-to-end tests.

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    Team interaction

    Two-way feedback cycle, ongoing status updates, clear roles and responsibilities.

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    Multiple environments

    For development, staging, and production.

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    Regulatory compliance

    GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other key compliance needs.

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    Security smoothly integrated into CI/CD pipeline.

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    Direct communication

    With every team member on your project.

Our remote development process

Team Set Up
  • As soon as you reach out to us via contact form or by email, we carefully consider your business challenges, then embark on additional communication with you to make sure we have the whole picture of your product.
  • As soon as you reach out to us via contact form or by email, we carefully consider your business challenges, then embark on additional communication with you to make sure we have the whole picture of your product.
  • Within 3 business days you’ll get a proposal, which includes a working model in the form of a draft contract and rough budget estimation. We’re also ready to go through additional details and clarifications.
  • Finally, we transform the requirements into a detailed product development plan. We also will suggest to you a team size, technology stack, and software architecture that scales as your product grows.
  • Based on the technological challenges you face, we assemble scalable dedicated teams that comprise of strong middle and senior professionals with proven expertise in product engineering.
  • Our management team helps you to run the development process fast and smoothly. We take care of onboarding, manage payments, taxes, and all the paperwork, keep up with employees' commitment and satisfaction levels.
  • We take care about making every team member satisfied with the work they do on your product by reducing team attrition and offering upskills opportunities while having confidence your product goals are met. We believe that employees’ motivation, their match to your in-house culture, and interaction with each one of the team directly impacts the final result they deliver.
  • Our product development process goes in sprints. We split the process into 2-3 weeks sprints, after which we deliver results. Decomposing app features into small units allows building complex systems because each new increment has been tested, demonstrated, and accepted separately, and thus you always have the shippable increments. We also involve product management in the process to maintain transparency and manage risks.
  • To ensure the product provides an experience the way it’s designed for, our engineers use a test-driven development approach and DevSecOps principles. Such an approach enables making massive changes following market demands because of the confidence in system stability and fault tolerance while reducing costs for debugging and code maintenance in the future.
  • The development of great products is about partnership. We build remote teams willing to work directly with our clients through providing in-depth tech expertise, solving problems collaboratively, discussing the tradeoffs, and seeing challenges from both technical and business points of view. We provide product growth by the team dedicated to performing.
  • Within each Sprint, our team produces a documented shippable product increment. Besides, you have 24/7 data access to the product backlog, sources, and infrastructure, thus you can check the development status anytime. On request, the deliverables may include: technical code documentation, architecture and DBs diagrams, packaging and deployment instructions.
  • We are responsible for the work we’ve done. Once we launch the MVP, you can continue working with the team to support the initial release. As far as your end-users will interact with the app, we’ll ensure the product performs at its best and keep track of all software ecosystems to operate correctly without crucial errors or, what is more, impact on your business and customers.
  • Whether you release an MVP or fully-fledged solution, it’s just beginning. To meet ongoing market-based competition, you have to keep enhancing your product by analyzing users' feedback, market trends, app usage analytics, and other relative data. Working, mostly, with our clients long-term, we know how to both adapt your software to the market changes once it's time and improve your product with new functionality without the business processes downtime.

Technologies we work with


Haven't found precisely your cup of tea? No worries, we're flexible to our clients' needs.

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What you’ll get working with us

An agile, supportive, and collaborative team that listens to clients, software users, and each other at every development stage.

Organized SDLC processes ensuring app functionality resonates with end-users and advances business objectives.

Software designed to last using coding style guidelines, test-driven development, and continuous integration practices.

Developers who have architectural thinking and understanding of design patterns, best practices, and how the software should evolve.

Our cases

  • RentTrack is a streamlined payment portal that helps residents get the credit scores they deserve for paying rent. By reporting rent payments to all three major credit bureaus – the ones lenders use to assess creditworthiness – renters can now build credit and take control of their future as they pay their rent.

  • FreightSeeker is a service that allows finding the best shipping option with several clicks. It aggregates data from multiple carriers and allows to select the best option. In addition, it provides an easy way to track shipments by any carrier.

  • Premier House-Share Company in London running web-based solution to manage the rental business. The system connects company managers, available property and tenants in a way that managers can have full overview, including different statistics about the current status.

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