Dedicated Teams

Senior level devs with proven expertise at your disposal

Extra capacities to support your team

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    Software engineers with 5+ years of experience

  • Full responsibility for talent retention

  • Quick & easy integration into your team

Forma Pro has a huge experience building teams for our customers, including building distributed teams when our developers are working in the same team as the developers on a customer side.

Dedicated developers working as a part of your team are ideal setup when there’s already a team working on some product. In this case, we will bring our technical expertise aboard without major changes to the management processes and methodology.

Our expertise in building remote teams allows us to set up transparent communications that make such teamwork efficient. We see the key success point for such cooperation in the trusted and long-term relationship.

Our Expertise

Our Projects

Check some of our projects to know how we help businesses solve their challenges

RentTrack is a streamlined payment portal that helps residents get the credit scores they deserve for paying rent. By reporting rent payments to all three major credit bureaus – the ones lenders use to assess creditworthiness – renters can now build credit and take control of their future as...

FreightSeeker is a service that allows finding the best shipping option with several clicks. It aggregates data from multiple carriers and allows to select the best option. In addition, it provides an easy way to track shipments by any carrier.

Premier House-Share Company in London running web-based solution to manage the rental business. The system connects company managers, available property and tenants in a way that managers can have full overview, including different statistics about the current status.

E-butik is an eCommerce start-up that enables small and medium-sized businesses to open online stores without the overhead of development, maintenance, and support, paying only for a subscription. We helped develop a successful second-largest startup in Sweden, which was then successfully sold.

Focusing on your idea, taking care of your soft

Benefits for your business

Providing a reliable dedicated team service Forma Pro allows our customers to focus on product development rather than to be locked in time-consuming activities like doing in-house staffing. At the same time partnership with us has many benefits compared to working with an independent freelancer or hiring extra in-house staff:

  • Overall high level of technical experience;

  • Flexible scalability of the team keeping all the developers at one site;

  • High level of soft skills and English knowledge;

  • Fast integration into your working environment is an integral part of your own team;

  • No need for extra costs on paid vacations, sick leaves, office space, etc.

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