Forma Pro core challenges:

Migration legacy code on CodeIgniter to a modern Symfony2 framework

Integration with external ERP system to manage inventory

Developing a comprehensive templating system for end-customer webshops that allows modification of any block view

Improving performance allow e-commerce platform to improve conversion during high periods (like Black Friday)

Integration with more payment systems to enable various payment options for customers

Complicated discount system development

Organizing 2nd line technical customer support

Forma Pro contribution:

We have build a team that was fully integrated into customer processes and executed migration to Symfony2 together with performance improvement that helped the customer to offer smooth service over high sales season.

Additionally, our team successfully implemented multiple new features that brought value to the product:

  • Migrated legacy code to Symfomy2 using a step-by-step approach that allowed us to continue features development while performing the transition.
  • Performed full integration with specter.se, which is 3rd party ERP system.
  • Implemented git-based template storage to allow each customer to have versioned templates.
  • Implemented Varnish-based caching proxy. Added MongoDB as a cache for the MySQL database. Implemented asynchronous processing of long-lasting tasks using beanstalkd. Optimized existing DB queries and algorithms.
  • Integrated several new payment systems into the platform.
  • Implemented coupon based discount system.
  • Organized the team the way it was possible to work on development and maintenance at the same time.

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