Custom web apps & dedicated team services

We foster your business growth by developing complex technical solutions that are of value to your end-users.

How we can help

  • Product Design

    We provide UX research, prototyping, database and information architecture to deliver seamless, user-friendly products that address your customers’ needs.

  • Software Engineering

    Applying our vast experience in languages, frameworks, platforms to create performant, stable, and attractive apps with the correct functionality.

  • Startup Development

    Whether your startup is on Seed, Series A, or further Rounds, we’ll help you out to validate the idea, deliver a scalable product reaching the market peaks, and facilitate getting IPO.

  • Tech consulting

    Defining the scope of work, accurate time & budget estimates, business process setup by means of  technical feasibility study, code review, UI auditing, and system design.

Core expertise by industries

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    In terms of FinTech solutions, Forma Pro has the hang of engineering products meeting security & compliance regulations within the industry. We’ve worked with banking and CapitalTech businesses as well as with financial startups, so we know how to realize splendid fintech products indeed.

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    Our team creates exceptional solutions to help real estate companies, developers, investors, and their customers to optimize payment operations, rent, buy and sell property in a way they will be satisfied by. The deliverables we provided include platforms for commercial property, booking systems, apps for credit score reporting.

Why work with us

  • Efficient process

    At Froma Pro, we combine Agile practices, test-driven philosophy, object-oriented design principles to launch well-functioning and load-resistant apps.

  • Security standards

    We stick to OWASP principles along with international standards like GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, and the other security practices, as appropriate to your product.

  • Product mindset

    For us, engineering is about sharing the software value for users and comprehension of the business’ strategic goals, not just following the best coding practices.

  • Transparent workflow

    From the very start, we keep you posted about ongoing processes through project status availability at any time, activity reports, daily or weekly stand-ups with the team.

Still not sure whether our services match your business goals? No problem, let’s find out.

What our clients say about us

Recent projects delivered

RentTrack is a streamlined payment portal that helps residents get the credit scores they deserve for paying rent. By reporting rent payments to all three major credit bureaus – the ones lenders use to assess creditworthiness – renters can now build credit and take control of their future as they pay their rent.

FreightSeeker is a service that allows finding the best shipping option with several clicks. It aggregates data from multiple carriers and allows to select the best option. In addition, it provides an easy way to track shipments by any carrier.

Premier House-Share Company in London running web-based solution to manage the rental business. The system connects company managers, available property and tenants in a way that managers can have full overview, including different statistics about the current status.

E-butik is an eCommerce start-up that enables small and medium-sized businesses to open online stores without the overhead of development, maintenance, and support, paying only for a subscription. We helped develop a successful second-largest startup in Sweden, which was then successfully sold.

Tell us about your ideas

    We'd be glad to hear what you're working on. Drop us a line about your project details, and we will answer you back within 1 business day.

    What happens next?

    1. We receive your Request for Proposal.  
    2.  Once we attentively analyze your thoughts, we set about additional communication with you. 
    3. When we’re sure we have a comprehensive picture of your project, we make you an offer.
    4. Our offer is detailed yet not definitive. We’re open for additional clarifications and dialogue.
    5. After all the discussions, we sign the agreements, then start implementing your project.